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Historical File 001: Starship Renegade

The first starship Renegade, NCC-1789, under the command of Captain Elli Varamir, is an aging Lion-class destroyer designed to patrol the fringes of known space and defend the final frontier. Her first captain was Malcolm Rouge, a founding member of the Renegade Initiative and the one to set precedent on how the Renegade line of ships are suppose to operate. Rouge commanded the ship for twenty years before being promoted to admiral. He handed over command of the ship to his first officer, Elli Varamir, who had been with the ship for the last ten years of Rouge’s command. Elli takes command of the ship five years prior to the start of TOS. Commander Michael Harris joins him as first officer when he takes command and the two quickly became friends. In the year 2260 the Renegade is attacked by the Klingon Klan’ta in his new prototype ship, a Bird of Prey. This proves disastrous for Klan’ta as the Renegade proves more than a match for the Bird of Prey. Humiliated by his defeat, Klan’ta finds himself the laughing stock of the Empire and is assigned to the kit’arQu fleet, a fleet of dishonored Klingons seeking redemption in battle and death. however, Klan’ta uses this position to his advantage and whips the fleet into a formidable foe. They engage the Renegade, and prove more than a match for the ship. However, Varamir uses cunning tactics and deceit to defeat Klan’ta, forcing Klan’ta to declare a bloodoath against Varamir.

IKS Krage More Updates

Work progresses on the IKS Krage.

Backstory: The IKS Krage concept, an between TOS/TMP ship I just came up with today that I think I will eventually put into my Renegade film, along with the Bird of Prey in the previous deviation.

The IKS Krage and its four siblings were part of a special project, meant to replace the old D-7. The Klingon Defense Force wanted a vessel that possessed a lot more firepower than the D-7 and be maneuverable. It has 6 disruptor cannons, two forward torpedo launchers, and two aft torpedo launchers. The cannons are wired through most of the ships power supply, giving them a huge bonus to the damage they cause. Effectively, these ships became the most powerful of the Klingons ships of the mid-23rd century.

However, they had major flaws. First, because of how the ship’s power was distributed and the technique used in the ships construction, the shields of the ship were only a quarter strength of the D-7s, making it more prone to damage. Second and most important was the fact the ships could not use their cloaking devices, as this would result in a massive disruption of the ships warp core. The class ship found this out just seconds after they cloaked, as the warp core went critical and destroyed the ship and the three surveying ships. The cloaking device was subsequently removed from the IKS Krage and its sibling ships to prevent their destruction.

Although the ships did not live up to their expectations, they still proved reliable enough for the Klingon Defense Force to continue their use. Eventually the knowledge gained from their construction would allow the Klingons to upgrade their D-7s to the Ktinga-class refits. The developer of the IKS Krage still believes that the research wasn’t a total loss and that more powerful versions of the ships can be built in the future, without all the flaws.

The remaining ships were assigned to Captain Klang and his fleet to defend the border of the Neutral Zone. This would prove to be their misfortune, as Klang’s fleet went missing after it responded to gravametric anomaly in the Neutral Zone. Coincidentally the Federation starship USS Renegade, under the command of Elli Varamir, was also investigating the anomaly. Neither Kang’s fleet or the Renegade reported back that day. Search parties found the wreckage of several ships, and alloys belonging to both the Renegade and Klang’s ship. It cannot be confirmed that either the Renegade or Klang’s ship were in fact destroyed. The Federation and the Klingon Empire claim no responsibility for the losses of either side, however they both agree that what happened in that sector will remain a mystery.

Multiverse # 1

A story taking place in a parallel reality.

Multiverse #1: The Renegade Wars

In an alternate timeline of the Renegade’s History, the Black Guard and the rogue organization known as ECHO, bitter enemies in the Prime Timeline, joined forces to create a secret program intent on removing the Federation and instilling a new more controllable government. Labeled the Renegade Initiative, they set forth to build their fleet of highly advance and deadly warships, led by their flagship, the USS Renegade, commanded by Admiral Michael Adams. The first battle of the long war began when the Renegade attacked the Vulcans, believing them to be one of the reasons humanity was held back from development. The bombardment of Vulcan decimated the Vulcan population, reducing their numbers to less than 3000. The survivors were put into camps, separated from one another and forced into servitude. Five days after the event Earth and the Federation issued an ultimatum and demanded the Renegades, as they came to be called, to surrender. They were met with refusal.

The Federation commissioned a fleet, led by the USS Redemption, to take back Vulcan and defeat the Renegade fleet. Ironically, the Redemption was commanded by Captain Malcolm Rouge and First Officer Elli Varamir, who in the Prime Timeline were assigned to the Renegade. The Battle of Vulcan became a significant turning point. As ships on both sides were being destroyed, Admiral Adams ordered the firing of a new weapon, the Nova Torpedo, in hopes of destroying the Federation fleet. The Nova Torpedo created a level 10 supernova explosion that obliterated the entire Federation fleet except for the Redemption, Polaris, and Lexington. The Enterprise was unfortunately lost. Captain Malcolm Rouge was killed, prompting Starfleet to promote Elli Varamir and assigning him command of the remaining battle fleet.

As Starfleet recalled all ships to protect the Core worlds, another situation was developing. Members of Section 31 and Starfleet Intelligence left Earth for an unknown destination, taking with them information critical to the war effort. The Department of Temperol Investigations reported that shortly before this each group’s headquarters exhibited chronotonic particles, evidence of time travel as the source for their abrupt departure. With Starfleet losing important assets fast, they had no choice but to find and destroy the Renegades’ headquarters and their ships. This would prove to be a costly mistake as this extended the war for the next 100 years.

During this time, Captain Ryan Ellison, Harry Mitchel, Henry Jackson, Ramos Talford, and Jack James Rice, the captains of their respective Renegades in the Prime Timeline, would fight each incarnation of the Renegade. It wasn’t until 2387 that Captain Jack James Rice of the Redemption-E would deal the last blow to the Renegades, effectively ending the war. Jack knew that the Federation would ultimately lose the war if something wasn’t done, so he initiated the creation of robotic soldiers that could be mass produced, fearless, deadly, and would never back down. They came to be known as the Machina. Ulitizing them, Jack gather the remaining federation ships and they attacked the Renegades’ headquarters. The battle lasted for twelve hours, resulting in the complete destruction of the Renegades’ fleet and headquarters. In the last confrontation Jack and the crew of the Redemption used a Nova Torpedo to destroy the Renegade-E and put an end to a century of war.

10 trillion people died in the war altogether, and most of the planets were devastated. Earth decided to abandon space and return to its roots on Terran soil to begin again and fix their problems. They donated their vessels to the Federation and seceded from the Federation. Those humans who did not wish to return to Earth were allowed to do so. Captain Rice returned to Earth and began the task of reforming the government. He was made President and officially requested that the Federation to not interfere with humanity until the time was right to return to the stars. However there was one problem that would threaten the galaxy once again.

The Machina that survived the war were deactivated and left on Mars, hopefully to never be used again. One Machina, codenamed Ras’s, had managed to survive the last battle and escaped deactivation. His unique programming allowed him to track down his brothers and reactivate the entire Machina armies. Leaving Mars, they set course for an uninhabited region of space to begin the building of the Machina Regime. 10 years passed as Earth continued to reform and the Machina continued to rebuild. Then disaster struck. A race called the Yvar, organic machines from a distant galaxy attacked the Milky Way, hoping to absorb all its species and rewriting their very atomic structure into new Yvar, effectively wiping out the species. The Borg and Undine were the first to fall, and the Delta Quadrant became the staging ground for the rest of the invasion. The Federation assembled the largest fleet in history to fight the Yvar, but the Yvar proved a more deadly enemy than the Renegades. Whole planets were annihilated as the Yvar made their way towards Earth. When they reached Earth, they met a foe that would prove more than a match for them. The juggernaut of the Machina Regime, who still believed their sworn duty was to protect humanity, amassed an enormous fleet around Earth intent on protecting her to the final ship. The battle would see the Yvar’s first and only defeat, as the Machina began exterminating them. After the defeat the Yvar, the Machina made contact with President Rice and vowed to protect their creators.

The Renegade Initiative

As of Stardate 2132.08.08 the President of the Federation has authorized the activation of the Renegade Initiative. All members affiliated with this protocol will immediately report to drydock and assume their positions aboard the Starship Renegade, NCC-1789, under the command of Captain Malcolm Rouge.  At 0800 hours the Renegade will leave drydock and commence its sworn duty: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly defend the final frontier. May they stay safe and may they stay strong.

Reporting Officer: Commodore Kevin Davis, Starfleet Command Headquarters.

Original Renegade Storyline

  • This is the original version of the one short story of the USS Renegade. This version was eventually trashed and rebirthed as the voyages of the Original Series Renegade, with only the character of Malcolm Rouge returning. As you can see, this version was rather¬† bit on the naive side of writing, but would eventually spawn both the original Renegade and the Renegade-E storylines.

A secret Starfleet program created since the beginning of Starfleet, the Renegade starships have completed the most dangerous missions in the galaxy. Now, at the end of a major Federation-Klingon conflict, an ancient enemy emerges, thrusting the crew of the Renegade-E into a confrontation with a new adversary, one who has planned the downfall of its counterpart.

“The Borg”
Chapter 1

Three years had passed since the war…
Captain Malcolm Rouge watched the stars as they sat in their lonely pockets of space. The U.S.S. 7539 Renegade-E hung over the M-class planet Vector Prime. It hung over the planet; silent, apparently unaware of the transport ships moving back and forth the surface and the space station in orbit.
Six billion lives lost…
John straightened his collar and looked at his desk. A message. From Gabriel. Urgent, of course. He sighed and sat in his chair.
Friends and family long gone…
Malcolm went to press the accept button. He hesitated. He had a thought, then shook it away, and pressed the button.

-Three systems have fallen to the Borg advance. Single Borg cube headed to Methea III. Renegade-E’s assistance required immediately. Federation ships moving already.-

-Admiral Gabriel, U.S.S. 7564 Argus

The Renegade-E and her crew are always required to head out and stop some Borg threat. An Admiral-class ship with enough armaments to take on five Sovereign-class ships, including the Enterprise-E. A ship that could take on the Federation if the crew was willing to go the way of their ship’s name. Except for the four other Admiral-class ships out there, they had no equal. The Borg posed a threat, but they can be dealt with.
The crew was blessed. They had Malcolm Rouge as their captain. Even if he was thirty-three, hardened by years of war, and feeling like it was his time to retire and hand over the reins to someone else. He was the most stubborn son of a bitch and he was a master of tactical warfare. He could outmaneuver, out shoot, and outflank anyone else in the galaxy.
Yet, he did not want to do it anymore. He felt himself being drawn into that white room. The place where all the crazed veterans of the Vietnam War were sent. He did not want to be there either. Too many crazy, old people. No. This is where he needed to be. Ironically, he felt more at home here than in thought of retirement. He could be actually doing something. He could be “making a difference”, just like James T. Kirk.
He stood up and left his room to go to the bridge. He walked onto the bridge, adjusting his collar again.
“Damn thing won’t stay straight,” he said to himself.
He looked up and nodded to his number one, Jack Russell, who returned the nod and then turned to his console.
“Captain,” Jack said without turning his head.
“Number One. We have an order from Star Fleet. We are to intercept a Borg cube headed to Methea III.”
“Ah, damn.”
“Exactly. No surprise there. Helmsman.”
The young, black helmsman turned.
“Yes, sir?”
“Set a course for Methea III. Transwarp ten.”
“Aye-aye, Captain.”
The Renegade-E’s two transwarp nacelles hummed and roared to life. The ship lurched and sped forward through the stars, streaks of light zooming by. The ship shuddered a little, and then remained smooth in its flight.
“Number One. Call me when we get within an hour of our destination.”
“Yes, Captain.”
Malcolm entered his quarters, annoyed with his collar. He felt something was out-of-place. Or someone was here.
“I wish you wouldn’t pop up without at least sending me a message, Q.”
“Oh my dear, dear captain. You still don’t understand me at all. One hundred years ago, I put Picard on trial for the crimes of humanity. And now, since then, I have watched humanity and its actions. I have decided your sentence.”
“Sentence? What are you talking about?”
“I’m giving humanity the chance to redeem itself.”
“Redeem itself? How does all of this concern me?”
“My dear captain, that’s what friends are for. We are friends, aren’t we? I’m letting you know that the time of judgment has come, and you’ll be the one to decide the fate of humanity.”
“Why me?”
Q patted him on the shoulder.
“Because that’s what friends are for.”
Q disappeared and Malcolm found himself in his chair.
“Thanks, friend.”