Original Renegade Storyline

  • This is the original version of the one short story of the USS Renegade. This version was eventually trashed and rebirthed as the voyages of the Original Series Renegade, with only the character of Malcolm Rouge returning. As you can see, this version was rather  bit on the naive side of writing, but would eventually spawn both the original Renegade and the Renegade-E storylines.

A secret Starfleet program created since the beginning of Starfleet, the Renegade starships have completed the most dangerous missions in the galaxy. Now, at the end of a major Federation-Klingon conflict, an ancient enemy emerges, thrusting the crew of the Renegade-E into a confrontation with a new adversary, one who has planned the downfall of its counterpart.

“The Borg”
Chapter 1

Three years had passed since the war…
Captain Malcolm Rouge watched the stars as they sat in their lonely pockets of space. The U.S.S. 7539 Renegade-E hung over the M-class planet Vector Prime. It hung over the planet; silent, apparently unaware of the transport ships moving back and forth the surface and the space station in orbit.
Six billion lives lost…
John straightened his collar and looked at his desk. A message. From Gabriel. Urgent, of course. He sighed and sat in his chair.
Friends and family long gone…
Malcolm went to press the accept button. He hesitated. He had a thought, then shook it away, and pressed the button.

-Three systems have fallen to the Borg advance. Single Borg cube headed to Methea III. Renegade-E’s assistance required immediately. Federation ships moving already.-

-Admiral Gabriel, U.S.S. 7564 Argus

The Renegade-E and her crew are always required to head out and stop some Borg threat. An Admiral-class ship with enough armaments to take on five Sovereign-class ships, including the Enterprise-E. A ship that could take on the Federation if the crew was willing to go the way of their ship’s name. Except for the four other Admiral-class ships out there, they had no equal. The Borg posed a threat, but they can be dealt with.
The crew was blessed. They had Malcolm Rouge as their captain. Even if he was thirty-three, hardened by years of war, and feeling like it was his time to retire and hand over the reins to someone else. He was the most stubborn son of a bitch and he was a master of tactical warfare. He could outmaneuver, out shoot, and outflank anyone else in the galaxy.
Yet, he did not want to do it anymore. He felt himself being drawn into that white room. The place where all the crazed veterans of the Vietnam War were sent. He did not want to be there either. Too many crazy, old people. No. This is where he needed to be. Ironically, he felt more at home here than in thought of retirement. He could be actually doing something. He could be “making a difference”, just like James T. Kirk.
He stood up and left his room to go to the bridge. He walked onto the bridge, adjusting his collar again.
“Damn thing won’t stay straight,” he said to himself.
He looked up and nodded to his number one, Jack Russell, who returned the nod and then turned to his console.
“Captain,” Jack said without turning his head.
“Number One. We have an order from Star Fleet. We are to intercept a Borg cube headed to Methea III.”
“Ah, damn.”
“Exactly. No surprise there. Helmsman.”
The young, black helmsman turned.
“Yes, sir?”
“Set a course for Methea III. Transwarp ten.”
“Aye-aye, Captain.”
The Renegade-E’s two transwarp nacelles hummed and roared to life. The ship lurched and sped forward through the stars, streaks of light zooming by. The ship shuddered a little, and then remained smooth in its flight.
“Number One. Call me when we get within an hour of our destination.”
“Yes, Captain.”
Malcolm entered his quarters, annoyed with his collar. He felt something was out-of-place. Or someone was here.
“I wish you wouldn’t pop up without at least sending me a message, Q.”
“Oh my dear, dear captain. You still don’t understand me at all. One hundred years ago, I put Picard on trial for the crimes of humanity. And now, since then, I have watched humanity and its actions. I have decided your sentence.”
“Sentence? What are you talking about?”
“I’m giving humanity the chance to redeem itself.”
“Redeem itself? How does all of this concern me?”
“My dear captain, that’s what friends are for. We are friends, aren’t we? I’m letting you know that the time of judgment has come, and you’ll be the one to decide the fate of humanity.”
“Why me?”
Q patted him on the shoulder.
“Because that’s what friends are for.”
Q disappeared and Malcolm found himself in his chair.
“Thanks, friend.”


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