IKS Krage More Updates

Work progresses on the IKS Krage.

Backstory: The IKS Krage concept, an between TOS/TMP ship I just came up with today that I think I will eventually put into my Renegade film, along with the Bird of Prey in the previous deviation.

The IKS Krage and its four siblings were part of a special project, meant to replace the old D-7. The Klingon Defense Force wanted a vessel that possessed a lot more firepower than the D-7 and be maneuverable. It has 6 disruptor cannons, two forward torpedo launchers, and two aft torpedo launchers. The cannons are wired through most of the ships power supply, giving them a huge bonus to the damage they cause. Effectively, these ships became the most powerful of the Klingons ships of the mid-23rd century.

However, they had major flaws. First, because of how the ship’s power was distributed and the technique used in the ships construction, the shields of the ship were only a quarter strength of the D-7s, making it more prone to damage. Second and most important was the fact the ships could not use their cloaking devices, as this would result in a massive disruption of the ships warp core. The class ship found this out just seconds after they cloaked, as the warp core went critical and destroyed the ship and the three surveying ships. The cloaking device was subsequently removed from the IKS Krage and its sibling ships to prevent their destruction.

Although the ships did not live up to their expectations, they still proved reliable enough for the Klingon Defense Force to continue their use. Eventually the knowledge gained from their construction would allow the Klingons to upgrade their D-7s to the Ktinga-class refits. The developer of the IKS Krage still believes that the research wasn’t a total loss and that more powerful versions of the ships can be built in the future, without all the flaws.

The remaining ships were assigned to Captain Klang and his fleet to defend the border of the Neutral Zone. This would prove to be their misfortune, as Klang’s fleet went missing after it responded to gravametric anomaly in the Neutral Zone. Coincidentally the Federation starship USS Renegade, under the command of Elli Varamir, was also investigating the anomaly. Neither Kang’s fleet or the Renegade reported back that day. Search parties found the wreckage of several ships, and alloys belonging to both the Renegade and Klang’s ship. It cannot be confirmed that either the Renegade or Klang’s ship were in fact destroyed. The Federation and the Klingon Empire claim no responsibility for the losses of either side, however they both agree that what happened in that sector will remain a mystery.


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