Historical File 001: Starship Renegade

The first starship Renegade, NCC-1789, under the command of Captain Elli Varamir, is an aging Lion-class destroyer designed to patrol the fringes of known space and defend the final frontier. Her first captain was Malcolm Rouge, a founding member of the Renegade Initiative and the one to set precedent on how the Renegade line of ships are suppose to operate. Rouge commanded the ship for twenty years before being promoted to admiral. He handed over command of the ship to his first officer, Elli Varamir, who had been with the ship for the last ten years of Rouge’s command. Elli takes command of the ship five years prior to the start of TOS. Commander Michael Harris joins him as first officer when he takes command and the two quickly became friends. In the year 2260 the Renegade is attacked by the Klingon Klan’ta in his new prototype ship, a Bird of Prey. This proves disastrous for Klan’ta as the Renegade proves more than a match for the Bird of Prey. Humiliated by his defeat, Klan’ta finds himself the laughing stock of the Empire and is assigned to the kit’arQu fleet, a fleet of dishonored Klingons seeking redemption in battle and death. however, Klan’ta uses this position to his advantage and whips the fleet into a formidable foe. They engage the Renegade, and prove more than a match for the ship. However, Varamir uses cunning tactics and deceit to defeat Klan’ta, forcing Klan’ta to declare a bloodoath against Varamir.


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