Renegade Turntable

The ship is finally coming together. Man I hated making the secondary hull. No matter what I did I could never get it to work. I think I finally found a configuration that will work. Still quite a bit to go, including the painstaking process of creating and adding textures. I expect the model itself will be done by end of June and the complete textured, lighted model will be ready by August. And don’t ask if you can have the model. That’s a no-no. The one problem I see having in the future will be creating the characters and alien races. Sigh…


Reengade Update

Made quiet a few changes here and there and did a lot more modeling. She’s getting there. I do see her being finally completed by the end of the month. I think I found a secondary hull configuration that I actually think will work and that I like. She’s got the whole low, compact profile thing going on, like the JJ-verse Renegade I did a year or so ago (which I need to remake).

Eventually I hope to post some stories of the adventures of the Renegade crew leading up to the events of the movie.

Work on the USS Renegade continues. Yes this is version 12 (12.8 to be exact). After rebuilding this ship so many times, you would of think I would of got it right by now? Right now a turn table animation is rendering so updates for a while will be limited.