Eve of Darkness

For those who don’t know, I’m currently in the fifth year of writing my novel Eve of Darkness. Eve of Darkness takes place sometime in the near future on Earth. Supernatrual-like beings, called the Shadows, have attacked the human race and driven humanity to extinction. The novel takes place in two different times. Year One, which follows Lieutenant Nathan Davis , Sergeant Jack Carson, their group of soldiers, and the civilians they are protecting as they travel across what’s left of America after the Shadows attack. This part of the novel is suppose to seem more of a grim, gritty realistic setting in which the group learns that America is the staging area for a devastating war. Year Fourteen takes place 14 years later and follows soldiers and citizens of the Viper Republic and the Garnida Empire as they battle the Shadows and try to reclaim their home. This part of the story has a more of science-fiction/fantasy feel to it and follows several characters as their paths intertwine and each learns or makes their own destiny in the war. The novel switches back and forth between both time periods and events in one time period is either a cause or effect of what happens in the other. The novels is about 50% finished and I hope to completely finish it by the end of 2013.


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