Thought for Food

I have been going over an idea in my head for quite a while now and have decided to share it. What if I presented the Renegade movies in black and white, ala pre-60s era? Would people be deterred from watching it? Would people criticize it? Or would people see an old era of classic sci-fi story telling and vision being brought back from the dead? Classic sci-fi movies have always held a place in our hearts, from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” to “Forbidden Planet” and many more.



August 19, 2012

After a long hatis back to work. Busy with so much Army stuff that kept me away from home for a while. Nice to be back. Also there is this girl that I’m interested in, but anyways…

More work on the good ol’ Renegade. Came up with how the phaser cannon/turret/whatever will work and looks. Not a full 360 degree rotation, but it’s nice to have limitations, no? Also some neck/structural support detailing.