13.1 Releases

Yes boys and girls! This has officially moved to V13.1! After dealing with uncontrollable Klingons, Gorns, and Tribbles, the hull of the Renegade is finally set in place. The saucer herself is a deck thicker, bringing it to a total of 3 decks in the saucer rim. The flow from the saucer into the secondary hull area is better in my opinion. I’m opting for maybe two shuttle bays but I have yet to decide on that. One shuttle bay would be for main shuttle operations while the other would house a large transport shuttle used to ferry down two small buggies or a large ground LMTV-type transport. I’m going to include in the future some nods to Zephrem Cochrane’s warp ship, but unfortunately Mr. Drexler did not have any high res pictures on him. Starfleet Command asks for any help in this search and it would be very much appreciated. Hopefully I can include nods to the pilot version of the Enterprise as well. Nacelle innards are still exposed but I hope to finish them up before end of next month. Overall plan is to finish this before end of next year. 😀



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