STXII Thoughts

I’ve been throwing this idea around in my head ever since I’ve been analyzing the trailers and I think I have an idea about the movie. I know the villain is not Khan, but from what I see in the trailer is that is most likely an augment and/or connected to the Eugenics wars, and the family he is referring to is other augments. And the scene where Spock’s hand is on the window with another hand on the other side suggests that the villain will most likely try to connect with Spock because of some similarities they share regarding family. Also I’m interested in the ship that is crashing into the water, probably caused by the film’s villain. It hints at a design almost TMPish. Another thing is that we see Klingons, but they are wearing masks, which leads me to believe that these are the human-looking version of the Klingons and they wear the masks because they hate how they look and want to change it (result of events in ST:E) and they wear the masks as a reminder of what they are or something. From what I’ve read the villain is on Qo’noS and Kirk and company are after him, so I assume that the villain was forced to do genetic experiments for the Klingons to reverse the what happend to the human looking Klingons. The memorial service seen is most likely for either the ship that crashed into the water or the attack at the Starfleet meeting.


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