TRI #59: Uprising

Started to think about my old Uprising story and thinking about bringing it back along with my Black Guard story. For those who don’t know, Uprising takes place between “The Best of Both Worlds” and “Star Trek First Contact” and is from the perspective of a Borg drone. As you can guess writing it from the drone’s perspective is a pain in the mechanical ass, especially when the only emotions come from other characters encountering the Borg. Ignore misspellings and grammar errors; I’m a little rusty.


TRI #57: Torps and Bridge

Was a little worried my bridge wouldn’t fit, but it seems that won’t be a problem. Glad I build everything to real world scale (meters).

Roughed out how I think the torpedo launcher should work. I wanted it to largely automated with 12 preloaded torpedoes, with a belt fed system to keep the wheel loaded. The two inner rings rotate the torpedoes and also brace them against the outer two rings, which don’t rotate and are only there for support (no one wants to play 52 torpedo pickup, now do we?). It does happen to cut into the deck above it, but that is not a problem.

TRI #56: Renegade V16

After a serious reevaluation, I decided to build the model from the inside out, similar to what Havoc is currently doing with the TOS Enterprise (although he built opposite of what I’m doing). Building it this way will allow me to make sure what I want on this ship fits appropriately. The top decks and rim decks have their outer braces in place, while the bottom decks still need to be done. The 6 cylinders sticking up from the top will denote access hatches to the outer hull of the ship. Only the rim decks and deck 2 have windows. The saucer is wider than the Constitution, but not as high because the top bulge has only 2 decks compared to the Constitution’s 3 decks. Deck 3 (between the bottom of the bulge and the top of the rim decks) has its basic interior mapped out. Although its hard to tell here, there are tubes spaced out evenly among the braces; those will be part of the deflector/shield system.

TRI #52: Tweaks on the Flagship

A little bit late but here she is. Redid the back ends of the nacelles so they feel more TOS-y; went for straight pylons as the swept felt to TMP-y; solved the deflector problem by making 2 pairs of deflector spires that sit just aft of the bottom sensor dome; and tweaked the saucer and phasers balls. stillĀ  messing around the back top portion.