TRI #47: Tactical/Helm

Started the tactical/helm station. Took some cues from the Polaris’s setup, ship of my friend Dave Metlesits. Focused on how it would of been done in the 60s while at the same time not looking like a bunch of random controls with various colors and no purpose. Far from done, but the basic setup allows an operator (in this case, Ensign Caitlyn Velaras) to fine tune phasers and torpedoes. Settings for phasers range from intensity and field of fire to which bank is firing and if it is the dorsal or ventral bank. Torpedoes can have the yield adjusted and if they fire from the forward or aft tubes. Also basic slider controls for controlling how much power is put into Warp, Impulse, or Thrusters. To be added is a panels for controlling ship movement, setting course, and unauthorized use of ship systems (or weapons discharges). To also be done is the building of the little ‘pocket’ for the targeting scanner, although at this point I’m thinking of leaving it as is as there is no point of having it pop in and out.


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