TRI #67: New Year, Boldly Going Forward

As 2013 disappears behind us, we reflect on our actions and experiences that led us here. Leaving my old job and looking for a new one, I have the time and hopefully energy to get the RI back on track. With that said, the first novel to be released in the Renegade saga will be titled STAR TREK BLACK GUARD – DARKNESS. Taking place in 2246 (twenty years before “The Man Trap”) the novel begins with a former Black Guard member, Bishop Carter, tasked with gathering a small crew of seven to investigate the source of a cryptic transmission. Among this crew are Davis Varamir, a man with ancestral ties to the Eugenics War, and Glenn Stovas, pilot and captain of the Artemis-class escort Stovas. Together they represent not what the Federation stands for, but what must be done from the shadows to protect everything they hold dear. This novel (and its sequels) serve as prequels to the upcoming STAR TREK RENEGADE movie I’m working on, but do not need to be read to understand the movie, which follows its own plot. This series serves as the beginning of a bigger story encompassing all the star ships carrying the name Renegade up to the movie Star Trek Nemesis.

Plot synopsis from the back cover I’m working on:

A crew’s ongoing mission…to save the Federation or watch everything they hold dear fall apart.

In the 23rd Century, the United Federation of Planets had established itself as an exploration and peace keeping organization. Within the confines of this resolve, a task force was formed by three of the core worlds to assist and defend the Federation from any threat, whether it be from outside invading forces, or from within the Federation itself. This organization stands apart from Starfleet and any official Federation organization, yet working to protect them and make sure that every man, woman, and child enjoys remain free to set their own destinies. Some say they are a band of hired murderers, ex-cons, and the unlawful law men. Outcasts to the very government they served, yet bound to it. They are called…

…the Black Guard.

Authorized to use any force deemed necessary, they fight mercilessly to defend the Federation from dark forces. However, a dark past will come to haunt them and drive them to madness. Something or someone is tearing apart old wounds and deepening fresh ones. Someone is intentionally causing upheaval and is trying to demolish the Federation, not to just cripple, but to ultimately destroy it. The Black Guard has been reestablished, with a former member tasked with getting together a ship and crew to defend the Federation from this threat. However, learning to work together won’t be their hardest mission…

…it will be learning to survive each other.

After the completion of the Carpe Diem vessel work will commence on this series. Concepts are being drawn up of the Stovas, which incorporates Human, Andorian, and Tellarite technology. Hopefully by the end of this upcoming new year if everything goes as planned, the first two novels will be released with the third being written. So Happy New Year and keep boldly going into the future.


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