TRI #72: Carpe Diem Saucer Texturing

Spent a few hours today working on the texture for the saucer. And yes I rebuilt the bridge and Deck 2. They ended up being twice the size than originally intended. Adding details around the ship and also rebuilding the secondary hull.


TRI #71: Non-Update

One of the hardest things about designing Star Trek Renegade is the fact the movie is set during the Original Series era, which means everything has got a retro vibe to it. Although nostalgic, it is hard for people, especially the newer generation, to take a story seriously if it is hopelessly locked in an era long considered old fashioned. As much as I love the feel of the original Star Trek, I understand that sometimes we have to let go of what we like and take bold steps to create a world we can believe in. I have been doing a lot of thinking and realized that the way I have the story written so far offers a simple solution to my current problem while keeping a bit of nostalgia as well. Stay tuned as more details will come in the future.