TRI #87: More Guard Stuff

Looks like the monthly bandwidth was exceeded again. Time to switch to second account. Introducing the Zhemchug, the Striker, and the Buggy. Information to come later.


TRI #86: Changes to the Drydock Again

So I changed it once again to bring close to a mixture of the Phase II concept drydock and the TMP drydock. The space complex on top uses features from the Phase II concept orbital complex as well as a nod to K7 features. The two cylinders on the side are shuttlepod/shuttlecraft/workbee hanger bays. The cargo containers are hidden at the moment.

TRI #80: Texturing Round 2 and Guard Changes

Round 2 of texturing. The saucer is mostly done, as the laser banks and a few other details still need to be taken care of. The mesh error still hasn’t been taken care of as of this update. Started the neck and the nacelles.

As of this update, there is also a major story change. After a considerable amount of thought and reminder of past experiences in the military, I decided to rectify the Black Guard.

-Name changed from Black Guard to Guard
-Using real world references, the Guard would be a fictional representation of the National Guard, while Starfleet would serve as a fictional representation of the Army. The change also reflect the Guard as a noble group of individuals, whose fate is [CLASSIFIED]
-The previous background of the Guard is no longer valid, but will be saved for another group. This time the Guard will serve as a sort of citizen militia, with members from all the worlds of the Federation, that will maintain security, provide medical assistance, and transport supplies.
-for the member worlds of the Guard to remain equal in power and to prevent any world from gaining too much influence in the Guard, the main HQ for the Guard should be located on a starship instead of a starbase
-the Felgoth, a race I previously reserved for videos and non-canon stories related to Renegade, fought against the Guard in a brief conflict (the Sampson class was conceived during this conflict).
-the first flagship of the Guard was the SS Guardian (CCV-0075) , although by original design a colony vessel, was retrofitted with command capabilities and systems to support the increased responsibilities it would gain (registry change included USS and GSV-0001). Her captain and leader of the Guard during its first four decades was Admiral Gene Isodor.
-Gene Isodor’s first name is a nod to the creator of Star Trek. His son is Admiral Russel Isodor, the current leader of the Guard in 2245.

TRI #78: Sampson Class Heavy Destroyer

One of the earliest Black Guard vessels, the Sampson class has been on the front lines for the Guard since its inception. Built to be mass produced, the Sampson is equipped with a forward Dual Beam Laser Bank, two Laser Cannons, and a forward torpedo launcher. Although its combat capabilities are limited compared to newer ships such as the Starfleet Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser, it retains high speed and maneuverability than most vessels, allowing it to bring its weapons to bear on enemies quicker. In recent years, this class of vessel is being pulled off the front lines in favor of the newer and more advance Pendragon-class. Even so, the importance of this class to the Guard has not diminished, especially in helping to maintaining sector security in the wake of the Federation-Klingon Four Year War.

During its final decades of service, it would play an important role in the [ERROR 103: CLASSIFIED INFORMATION].