TRI #77: The Chart

[B] DIP: Design in progress, including/not including ship/class name
BG: Black Guard (up to 2253)
RI: Renegade Intiative (starting at 2254)
RED: Redacted Information (to be revealed later)
UD: Unknown Design (Design to be conceptualized)
WIP: Work In Progress
FED: Belongs to Federation
AD: Alternate Dimension
From top to bottom, left to right. [/B]

ROW 1:
First 6 ships are concept ships (BG)(UD)(DIP)(WIP)
Stovas (BG, RI)
Watcher (BG)
Betsy (BG)
Sampson (BG, RI)
Prisoner Ship (BG)(DIP)(WIP)
Pendragon (BG, RED)
Continental (BG)(WIP)
???? (RED)(DIP)(WIP)

ROW 2:
Behaim (RI)
Independence (RI)
Carpe Diem (RI)
Pre-Tos Ship (RED)(WIP)
Hammerstad (WIP)
Pre-Tos Battleship (FED)(DIP)(WIP)
Thimble (RI)
USS Renegade (RI)(DIP)(WIP)

ROW 3:
Pyramid Ship (DIP)(WIP)
Pre-Tos Romulan Ship (WIP)
Felgoth Telgar Cruiser
Felgoth  Felgar Dreadnaught
Klingon Scout (WIP)
Vulcan War Lirpa (AD)(DIP)(WIP)
Machina Cruiser (DIP)(WIP)
Machina Dreadnaught (DIP)(WIP)
IKS Krage (DIP)(WIP)
Modified Bird of Prey (DIP)(WIP)(UD)

ROW 4:
Pre-Tos Shuttlepod (RI)
???? Fighter (RED)(WIP)
???? Fighter (RED)(WIP)
Civilian Cargo Vessel (WIP)
Felgoth Fighter
USS Renegade Fighter (WIP)
Machina Fighter (DIP)(WIP)

ROW 5:
Pre-Tos Station (BG, RI)(DIP)(WIP)
Laser Turret (RED)

ROW 6:
Renegade Buggy (RI)(DIP)(WIP)
Laser Rifle (BG)
Escape Pod (For Star Trek Anaxar Production, won’t be revealed until 3 weeks after film is released)
Laser Pistol (RI)(DIP)(WIP)


All the designs apart of the Renegade story (except for the Escape Pod).
16 of the designs I have never shown before; the others I have, in some form or another.
A lot of the designs have redacted information because they are to be shown at a later date.
For obvious reasons, ships, stations, etc. on this chart are not to scale.
This chart will be edited as I go; hopefully a scale chart will be shown as well.

This started off as a look at the ships I was gonna include in the animation and quickly grew into this. :P


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