An Alternate Semi-Reboot Timeline Idea!

Personally I would like to see a new Trek series, but not in the Prime Timeline (and for obvious reasons not the Kelvin Timeline).

I had an idea that was based in the Cage Era, but with no Federation of Planets and no Enterprise (an reboot without being an actual reboot, but with no interactions with the Prime Universe).

An Parallel Universe where the familiar is presented differently…

The divergent point between the Prime Timeline and this New Vision Timeline (I could probably come up with a better name) would be some years before First Contact. The first major difference that there is no Borg in this universe (mainly because we need a new enemy and there are so many damn theories on their origin, all which I cast aside because they are all fanon) and there is no visit from the Enterprise-E (to be explained). In the events leading up to humanity’s first contact with an alien race, Zephram Cochrane would launch the Phoenix from Earth to meet up with his warp ship he designed during WWIII, the Bonaventure. He would make the first warp flight, setting his destination as Alpha Centari, but would rather miss it by a few (ha!) light years due to some miscalculations on his part. This would bring him into a first contact situation with a roaming Klingon ship. Although difficulties in the language barrier make communication impossible, the Klingons do learn of Earth. However, after study of Cochrane (who is suffering from the adverse effects of the end of WWIII), the Klingons decide that humanity is too weak to conquer and puts Cochrane back in the Bonaventure (maybe they try to use him as target practice but he gets away, I don’t know). He would return to Earth and tell everyone about his encounter, but no one would believe him. He would be branded as lunatic as no one believe he traveled faster than light and met aliens. Forced into exile, he would start going mad (most likely another side effect of WWIII) and disappear.

A few years later a woman named Samantha Yslonda would introduce warp travel to humanity (she was later found out to have stolen the original designs from Cochrane, but that was kept hidden from the public as warp travel would give humanity hope for the future). Humanity would go out into space and create new colonies. However, twenty years after Cochrane’s warp flight the Klingons would return and attack humanity. Unable to defends themselves, humanity would spend the next century in slavery.

A century after the annexation of Earth, the Klingons would abandon them to focus on conflicts with the Romulans and humanity would be forced to scavenge to survive. In the year 2183 war between the Klingons and the Romulans would break out. Humans who had lost all hope would pick a side (mostly the Romulans) in hopes of food and shelter.

In the year 2255 (where the TV series/movies would start), a man named Robert April would dream of a better humanity, one that was enlightened and strove to better themselves and other races. He would seek to gather a crew to go out and find a way to bring humanity hope. After gathering a few of his friends, he would search for a ship to travel the stars. This would bring him to a ship junkyard operated by Christopher Pike. After some convincing, Pike gives him a partially completed star ship, one the bears a loose resemblance to the Constitution-class (although a bit more realistic looking). Pike refuses to go with them, saying he doesn’t want to be put in a situation where he loses lives (the Rigel VII incident takes place in this reality, although it was a human rebellion with the Klingons retaliating). It lacks a warp drive however, so Pike has one of his workers, George Kirk, lead April to a nearby junkyard where old warp drive units are located (in this timeline, James T. Kirk died at a young age due to disease that would of been easily curable in the Prime Timeline). There they find the now elderly and insane Cochrane living a meager life. After installing warp drive on their ship, Kirk joins the crew and they set off into the unknown.

After a few seasons with them meeting more races, coming into conflict with the Klingons, making choices (good and bad that would drastic consequences), and laying the foundation of a new UFP (but won’t be called UFP) , the series would end in a final film. The film would see the death of April and Kirk (giving their lives in some heroic attempt) and the destruction of their vessel. It would also see humanity working together with other races to build a future. A new Alliance of Planets would be formed, with Pike becoming its first president. The Andorians, Tellarites, and a few other new species would join. Because of actions made previously by April and humanity, the Romulans would also join the Alliance. This would also be the first steps in the unification of Vulcans and Romulans (Vulcans don’t join the Alliance until late 23rd Century, maybe some actions by the Romulans make them finally agree to join). A new main exploratory ship would be built, based on new technology from each of the races. Her captain would be Gary Mitchel and his first officer would be Number One (name unknown). The final scene would lead to the reveal of the ship’s name, but then cut to black before it is revealed. This would leave the ship’s name to be up the viewers imagination, but it would not be named Enterprise (there would never be a star ship to bear the name Enterprise in this timeline, hence no Enterprise-E).

An ongoing theme would be humanity struggling to push past its flaws and become better. The idea of the series would be to bring back Gene Roddenberry’s dream of a better future and expand upon it. The series would tie in to real world related issues and show a different path that we can and should take. It would also reintroduce us characters and races that are similar but different to what we know. Also, there would be no episodes or movies that would be retold in this timeline (just because you can doesn’t mean you should).

Since it is possible characters and races that exist in the Prime Timeline exist here, it would be possible to create new stories. For example, the Botany Bay may still be around (if it hasn’t been destroyed by a freak meteor storm or something). Khan and his minions may wake up to find a better world than the one they left. This would provide two possible storylines:

—–1. Khan would begin to build a new world with his genetic super family, leading to a 2nd Eugenics War with the new Alliance of Planets in a multi-episode (or season) arc.


—–2. Humanity would work to rectify the mistakes of their past and work to great peace with Khan and his followers, offering them a place in their new Alliance. Could imagine some issues that would be explored over time with that.

Klingons would still be the main enemy up into the 24th Century, but there would be many attempts on both sides to create a peace.



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