This blog is for the new Renegade Initiative, a little project I’ve started to bring forth the adventures of the Renegade crews, from the classic Original Series era Renegade under Captain Elli Varamir, all the way to the powerful and captivating Renegade-E, under Captain Jack James Rice. The original Renegade was created back in 2007, but merely as a one shot title that featured the Borg and the Terran Empire as enemies. Now it has expanded into a multi-generational ship lineage, sworn to protect the Final Frontier (and Prime Timeline). The original Renegade, set during The Original Series, is getting its own full featured movie, set to introduce the audience to a new crew that finds themselves alone in a vast and unpredictable region of space where they will come up against a terrible enemy: the Machina.

The story so far: The USS Renegade is a Lion-class destroyer that has been in service to the Federation for ten years, as part of the Renegade Initiative organization (built out of the remnants of the Black Guard). In the year 2266, the Renegade responds to a distress call from the colony Elisabethtown and races to protect it, unaware of the danger that awaits them. Meanwhile, a mysterious planet emerges from a hole in space and disrupts space as it travels towards an unknown destination. The fate of the Renegade and the planet are about to intertwine…


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