TRI #91: Uniforms, Round 3

Guard Uniform created and worked on seam locations, ranks, and patches (Guard only).


TRI #90: Uniforms, Round 2

Made some progress and refinements. Not entirely sure about the dress uniforms at the moment but it is a work in progress.

TRI #88: Burnt Out

So sad news. This will be my last submission (3D model-wise) for an unspecified amount of time. I’m burnt out and I have other things to focus on, including building on the story of the Guard and eventually the story of the Stovas crew. I also need to reorganize my entire Deviantart gallery as well as my real life work. Not to mention my Eve of Darkness novel I need to rewrite (created 2007).

Zhemchug-class (GSV – 006)
Striker-class (class name pending change) (GSV – 0031)

TRI #86: Changes to the Drydock Again

So I changed it once again to bring close to a mixture of the Phase II concept drydock and the TMP drydock. The space complex on top uses features from the Phase II concept orbital complex as well as a nod to K7 features. The two cylinders on the side are shuttlepod/shuttlecraft/workbee hanger bays. The cargo containers are hidden at the moment.