TRI #93: Wallpaper!

As for the uniforms, I’m thinking no female variant. Kind of going for the idea of a unified organization, to build more upon the idea of no discrimination between the sexes, which Star Trek seemed to be lacking, although they did get it right some time after TNG’s 2nd or 3rd season. Might be a skirt option for the formal dress though.

Made me some desktop wallpapers. Unfortunately the blue didn’t come out too well.


TRI #89: USS Renegade Uniform Concept

To create the Guard uniforms, I need to first start with the USS Renegade’s uniform, as the Renegade uniform would reflect a later version of the Guard uniform. It is a three piece uniform with a black undershirt, department-specific tunic, and black pants. Tried to keep it close to the TOS uniform but different. Also the uniforms worn by Commander Straker and Col. Freeman inspired the collar.

This a very rough first sketch.

Original Male base by unknown

TRI #64: Carpe Diem Class

Needed a vessel to supplement the Independence class. Essentially a scaled down Constitution class, with a nacelle/pylon configuration reminiscent of the Ambassador. Opted to include two torpedo launchers in the neck instead of the single hidden one underneath the saucer. Windows are placed on the saucer and neck, with the secondary hull ones coming later after I finish it off.