TRI #96: Stovas Revisited

So pushed the cockpit further; more adjustments and refinements on the nacelles; brought it down to 2 impulse engines and moved them; and material adjustments on the bussards.

Also Renegade Ver. 20 Teaser


TRI #95: Stovas 2.0

Slowly getting back into modeling after a 6 month hiatus. Made some slight adjustments, including shortening the wings and pushing the cockpit forward a tad.\

TRI# 94: The Klingon’s New Toy

So I decided to scrap the Predator in favor of a smaller ship that would be produced in mass numbers (after all the story takes place near/after the end of the Federation-Klingon War). Wanted it to be a hybrid of the D7 with components of the BOP. Not entirely sure about putting BOP guns on the front. And yes it’s smaller than the BOP (B’rel) but still larger than the ‘hero ship’ Stovas. Little backstory: commanded by Klingon crews stripped of their ranks who seek to reclaim their lost honor.

I hope to god the Bing translator translated Honor in Death correctly and it doesn’t actually say ‘your mother is a orange targ’. 😀

[I][B][COLOR=”#00FF00″][SIZE=3]As always no suggestions unless I ask for them. THANK YOU. :D[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][/I]

TRI #89: USS Renegade Uniform Concept

To create the Guard uniforms, I need to first start with the USS Renegade’s uniform, as the Renegade uniform would reflect a later version of the Guard uniform. It is a three piece uniform with a black undershirt, department-specific tunic, and black pants. Tried to keep it close to the TOS uniform but different. Also the uniforms worn by Commander Straker and Col. Freeman inspired the collar.

This a very rough first sketch.

Original Male base by unknown

TRI #88: Burnt Out

So sad news. This will be my last submission (3D model-wise) for an unspecified amount of time. I’m burnt out and I have other things to focus on, including building on the story of the Guard and eventually the story of the Stovas crew. I also need to reorganize my entire Deviantart gallery as well as my real life work. Not to mention my Eve of Darkness novel I need to rewrite (created 2007).

Zhemchug-class (GSV – 006)
Striker-class (class name pending change) (GSV – 0031)

TRI #86: Changes to the Drydock Again

So I changed it once again to bring close to a mixture of the Phase II concept drydock and the TMP drydock. The space complex on top uses features from the Phase II concept orbital complex as well as a nod to K7 features. The two cylinders on the side are shuttlepod/shuttlecraft/workbee hanger bays. The cargo containers are hidden at the moment.